We get it. One quick Google search and all of a sudden, you’re inundated with coach options to support you on your path.

What are their differences? How do I get started? How do I know they’re the right fit for me? Sounds overwhelming if you ask us.

We’re sharing our 4 top tips for finding the right coach for your individual goals.


What’s The End Goal?


Finding your coach begins with you. What is it that has motivated you to start this search?

Whether it be business, relationships or some internal work, you first need to identify where you’re hoping to find your bliss. This is going to help you craft what expertise your coach needs to have and the experience to have on your radar.


Do Your Research


When you’re buying a new car, you don’t just buy the first one that comes up on Google, right? Finding your perfect coach should be treated like any other life investment and researched.

When finding the right coach for you, they not only need to be aligned to your goals but your personality too. Your coach should be someone you feel you can open up to and trust to bring your goals to fruition. They should be a listener, not afraid to ask the questions that get you thinking and be able to communicate with you in the style in which you learn best.

A lot of coaches will offer a complimentary session to ensure you’re a great fit for each other (like our 30-minute Discovery Sessions). These introductory sessions provide you the opportunity to learn about their experience, their approach and ask them the necessary questions to deem them a good fit.

They should be able to tell you exactly how they approach their coaching and exude passion for what they do. Maximise these sessions and be clear on your goals and outcomes so your potential coach can get to know you better too.

Remember, this is your investment. If you’re unsure about your first session, connect with different coaches to find the best match for you.

Who Said What?


Let’s be honest. We’re used to day to day interactions with marketing where people claim to change your life, triple your income or make your dreams come true. So how do we cut through the marketing hype and find out if they’re the real deal?

If you’re unsure about whether a coach is the right fit for you then stories from past or present clients of theirs is a great resource. Via social media, Google, their website or even industry directories, there’s many ways to access social proof and client success stories. Use testimonials to discover the stories of others and how their coach supported them to achieve their goals.

Take note of if they mentioned any unique style of coaching, how they felt during their sessions and the outcomes they have experienced since beginning their coaching journey.


Helping You Achieve Your Bliss


If you’re researching this very topic right now and come across our blog, then welcome! We’re thrilled that you’ve found us. Let us share a little about how we support you to achieve your bliss.

Angeli Shaw, The Bliss Coach, is a Certified Consciousness Coach® and Creatrix® Transformologist® committed to farewelling band aid fixes and toxic positivity for good. Pairing a powerful yet gentle soul-based coaching approach with methodologies specifically designed for women, BY women, Angeli works with you one-on-one to decipher what we do, why we do it and what can we do about it.

Whether you’re a woman in business (Angeli’s speciality), wanting to strengthen your relationships or work on your inner self, Angeli is here to help you find your bliss.

Learn more about whether The Bliss Coach is the right coach for you by booking a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session today.