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The goal of Consciousness Coaching™ is to gently awaken the universal potential within the individual so there is a larger context to find a higher meaning and soul purpose in all that is experienced. Ultimately the process of inner exploration and healing empowers the client to serve their universal soul rather than their limited ego.


People who have undertaken a personal development journey have experienced: Greater self-awareness and spiritual connection More compassion towards self and others Clearer, more focused & inspired Decreased stress and more energy Improved relationships, deeper connections and better communication Ability to live in the present and enjoy life Greater confidence and self-esteem Finding their soul’s purpose and living fiercely authentic lives

Consciousness Coaching® is a powerful yet gentle unique soul-based coaching methodology that empowers people to quickly transcend fear, pain and limitation by expanding their fixed consciousness. As a Certified Consciousness Coach®, I am trained to support you to transcend your ego and access your inner point of personal power. This holistic approach to long term personal transformation has been proven to help thousands lead more meaningful and fulfilling life. This unique coaching methodology has been developed by Eryka Stanton, Founder of The Academy of Soul Empowerment.

Consciousness Coaching™ aims to guide people to expand their perceptions beyond their ego and many aspects of their personalities so that they may interpret their life, their experiences, relationships and themselves from a more expanded consciousness. It seeks to help people come into alignment with their truest self- their soul. It facilitates an expansion in perception and awareness that helps clients discover their own healing, insights and direction. It serves as a way to help clients develop a stronger connection with their authentic self and rise above all their fixed ego based thought forms. In doing so, people are better able to make choices and decisions that are aligned with their deepest truth rather than their fragmented and fearful ego.



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Incorporating Mind, Body and Business; separate or collaboratively, ‘The Bliss Coach’ uses a holistic coaching method guiding clients to empowerment, enlightenment and success both personally and professionally.

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