Balance. We crave it, we change jobs to chase it, we feel deflated when can’t find it.

The key to mind, body, business balance starts with you and expanding your self-awareness to thrive
in all elements of your life.

What does balance mean to you?

To me, it means you have a firm grasp on all the various elements in your life, leaving you feeling grounded, calm and clear headed. It means that neither your head nor your heart is being pulled too hard in any one direction.

We all have a unique balance point because we all do things differently! Creating balance isn’t always about dividing our time between work, relationships and family equally but identifying how we can ensure we’re most engaged in each moment.

Internal working with the external

Balance involves finding harmony between your internal and external. Living internally is great for self-awareness but spending so much time on being self-reflective can mean sometimes, we’re missing out on the world around us.

Living externally, you may ultra-focussed on your work, activities and relationships but forget what your head or heart may be telling you.

When we feel unbalanced, it is often because we’re not conscious of managing our internal and external behaviour. The key is to be fully engaged in both the internal and external, where each day holds meaning and purpose, and ultimately brings you joy. If one or the other is telling you something, don’t brush it off.

The role your values play

Your values are the attributes that shape the person the world sees us as. They characterise the kind of person we are [or want to be], what we stand for and even the way we work. Values are also crucial for identifying what is important to us such as our family, relationships, community, spirituality or hobbies.

By identifying our values, we’re able to decipher how our time can be spent to make us most fulfilled and therefore, support us in creating our very own blend of balance. For example, if you value a sense of community and generosity, then we need to look into how you’re living externally to create synergy with those internal characteristics.

In a world where we’re driven by goals and achievements, values are not something we’re rewarded but the individualities that drive us and give us purpose. Have you ever taken a moment to truly identify your values? Dedicate time to writing down your core values and see whether they align to where you’re lacking balance. The result could surprise you!

If you’re struggling to find that perfect balance, then our professional coaching services may be for you! Our 30-minute Discovery Calls work with you one on one to create positive, long- lasting change both inside and out.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony”


– Thomas Merton