Come on, you hear me? How easy it is to become entrapped in a cycle of negativity and fall into an
unfavourable state of thinking, right? I mean in today’s world, and especially with covid 19 keeping
most of us in a state of lockdown, the pressures of life come with so many emotions, triggers and
reactions. So why do we react the way we do? And what can be done about it? Some may describe it
as the conditioning we’ve acquired through our childhood experiences, others may even believe these
thought patterns are carried through our DNA. Either way, you can choose not to give into fear, and
begin to generate some positivity into your days.

But first, let’s discuss fear, where it comes from and the different ways we act when confronted with it.
I describe them as shadow and light polarities or “reactive” and “responsive”. To better explain,
Ego/shadow/false-self equals reactionary. Soul/light/true self equals responsive.

Examples of these polarities would be:

  • Hate and Love
  • Judgement and Compassion
  • Ignorance and Understanding
  • Avoidance and Responsibility
  • Denial and Acceptance

Just to name a few.

Fear arises first of all from a survival instinct. It puts us on guard against possible threats. This fear
can be rational, but mostly at other times irrational. Think of it like this…. If someone says to you “do it
this way, it’s much easier” you can be either reactive or responsive. Reactive would be thinking “I
know what I’m doing” or saying “but this is how I do it”. Responsive would be thinking “that a great
suggestion” or saying “thanks for the idea, I appreciate it”. You may still do things your way, but it’s
how you take things on that determines if you’re in shadow or light, fear or love, ego or soul. In order
to develop as soul beings, we need to be aware of where our energy is coming from and what is
fuelling it.

Now for positivity! Generating positivity may be through words, actions or gestures, whichever way
you choose to observe it. Just like negative thoughts are energy, so too are positive thoughts, and
both are literally contagious and propagate themselves. Any cycle of negative energy can be turned
into a positive by making the choice to do so and intently focusing on it. But, firstly you need the
desire to do so! Can any of you honestly say that you enjoy being in a negative state? Sad, upset and
feeling not good enough? Feeling stuck, helpless and in a repeat cycle of procrastination? I certainly
hope not! But there is hope! One thing to learn on our continuous journey through life is to strive for
wholeness, not perfection. What does this even mean? In other words, we must accept the duality of
our personality, the ego and soul. Love feeds the soul, but lack of love triggers the ego. Focus on
understanding the things that trigger the ego and view it with a lense of love. This practice will take
time, but I promise, you’ll get there!

But what if we don’t practice? Well now, you can stay exactly where you are, but lets be honest, you
don’t want that right?

“But will happen if I don’t practice?”

Well, when we experience things and thoughts we do not like, we see them as threats. We reject
them or separate ourselves from them. The result is a lack of understanding, lack of connection or
love, and lack of power to change.

So what reality do you choose?

Take responsibility for yourself, yes YOU! I promise it’s worth it. I believe in you!