Meet the 

Bliss Coach

Angeli Shaw 

Meet the Bliss Coach Angeli Shaw.

Angeli is a Certified Consciousness Coach®️, Creatrix®️ Transformologist®️ and Head Talk Strategist. After spending years refining her skills, Angeli describes herself as a holistic empowerment coach, focusing on not just one, but all aspects of life, to help people achieve their bliss, whatever that may be. Although her niche is women in business, her skills cover men too; anyone with the level of readiness required for her to work with them.


Prior to launching ‘The Bliss Coach’, Angeli has spent over 20 years as a hair stylist, 10 of those owning her own salon. Her expertise also extends from educator to mentor and she prides herself on inspiring others through her soulful approach and growth mindset. On top of her current qualifications, Angeli is also an Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, and continues her studies which currently include aromatherapy, physiology and anatomy.


Spending many years researching and studying several modalities and therapies, she saw a gap in the coaching market and decided to create a coaching program not only unique, but one that guarantees results for each individual when they do the work. No more band aid fixes, no more ‘toxic positivity’ thinking, no more short term gain; real strategies working specifically on one’s core issues, as well as an understanding of what we do, why we do it and what we can do about it.


Having lived a life of ‘pushing through the fear’ herself and seeing so many others suffer while doing it, she thought there had to be a better way; a better understanding of where a persons fears come from, the difference between rational and irrational fears, and why todays ‘positivity’ movement is causing more harm than good. There had to be a way not just to move past the fear, but completely remove it all together.


This is where her years of study have paid off and here’s how…


Incorporating her Consciousness Coaching™️ and Creatrix®️ Transformologist®️ training, Angeli has used the two modalities to create tailored coaching specific to each individuals needs. Whether it be in business, relationships, or inner work and your relationship with self, Angeli has you covered.


So what is Consciousness Coaching™️? The process of inner transformation is more than just reading self help books, crystals, meditation and positive thinking. It’s about aligning to your authentic self. It’s an understanding of ego and soul, and the transformation that comes with this knowledge. Through Consciousness Coaching™️, Angeli helps people make the transition from unconscious to conscious living, activating their inner soul power and strength, and empowering her clients to live the life they deserve. Working one on one, Angeli helps her clients recognise fear based behaviours, unhealthy lifestyles, and emotional blockages that prevent them from being the best they can be mentally, physically and professionally. Her tools are not a one size fits all, and her approach is tailored to each individual.


So what is Creatrix®️? And what is a Transformologist®️? As a woman, it seems obvious to state that our brains work differently to men, but what if you were told that the reason why your results aren’t long lasting is because majority of the modalities and therapies out there were created by men? MIC DROP! This is where Creatrix®️ comes in. A modality that works fast and factors in the female biology, endocrinology and psychology, working SPECIFICALLY with the female brain, permanently breaking negative generational cycles and empowering women to understand how they work. Based on the study of Epigentics, science is now proving that we carry past traumas, fears and limiting beliefs through our DNA. What does this mean for todays woman? That they are literally carrying ancestral trauma in their bloodline. And what happens if we don’t clear them? They get passed onto the next, and the next and the next! As a Transformologist®️ I act as a facilitator between your conscious and unconscious mind, and using Creatrix®️ eliminate those ingrained sabotaging beliefs painlessly and PERMANENTLY!


How do I know? I’ve done it myself! 

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Incorporating Mind, Body and Business; separate or collaboratively, ‘The Bliss Coach’ uses a holistic coaching method guiding clients to empowerment, enlightenment and success both personally and professionally.

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